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Welcome to the PIC Registration and Amendment System

This PIC Registration and Amendment System is targeted at Tasmanian primary producers only.

A Property Identification Code (PIC) is a unique code allocated by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas) to a property.

The PIC is an integral part of the livestock identification and traceback system used to ensure food safety, and is recommended for all properties conducting primary industry enterprises to manage animal or plant disease outbreaks or chemical contamination. Find out more about livestock identification.

Before you proceed to the online form, please read the following information.

Please note that you will need to apply separately for NLIS registration after completing this PIC application online. To complete the NLIS registration form, please download the form here.


  • A single Property Identification Code (PIC) may be allocated to more than one property provided they are operated as part of the one business.
  • The online registration system allows for the inclusion of up to 10 properties. If you have more than 10 properties to register on a PIC, then please contact NRE Tas directly.
  • Owners of a property with one or more head of cattle, sheep, goats or pigs must apply for a PIC
  • Owners of a property conducting any other primary industry enterprise are highly encouraged to apply for a PIC.
  • "An owner" is considered by NRE Tas to be the legal owner, manager, lessee, share farmer, agistee or occupier in control of the property.
  • Before completing the form, please read the privacy statement and certify that this has been read.
  • Once your completed form has been submitted, your PIC application will be assessed by NRE Tas. You may be contacted by NRE Tas if any further information is required.
  • NRE Tas will contact you by email and post with confirmation of your PIC and your password. Please allow 5 working days for the registration to be processed.
  • You will only need to use your password if you wish to amend your PIC details.


  • Owners are urged to make timely amendments to their PIC registration if their circumstances change, including changes to contact details and enterprise information. This will facilitate targeted identification and contact on issues that have relevance to your holding.
  • Amendments to successful PIC Registrations can also be made through this web site (including termination of association with a PIC).
  • Please note that you will require the password supplied by NRE Tas staff.
  • If you have lost or forgotten this password please contact NRE Tas.


To proceed please confirm the following:
I have read and understood the Privacy Statement

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