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Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania

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  1. Purpose of Collection

    The information being collected in this application is primarily collected for the purposes of assessing, in accordance with the Animal Brands and Movement Act 1984, the applicant's eligibility to obtain a Property Identification Code for livestock and for the maintenance of the department's livestock property database. The information may also be used to track the movement of livestock by inclusion on the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) Database.

    Information is also collected on other primary industries and enterprises to facilitate targeted identification and contact on issues of relevance.

  2. Disclosure of Personal Information

    Personal information collected may be communicated to Meat and Livestock Australia and recorded in the NLIS Database. Personal information in the NLIS database including your name, business name and property name may be accessed by parties approved by Meat and Livestock Australia to access the NLIS Database.

    Your personal information may also be provided to third parties where required by law and your basic personal information may be disclosed to another public sector body if it is necessary to do so for its efficient storage or use.

  3. Result of Failure to Provide Personal Information

    If you do not provide any personal information requested in this application form your application to use a permanent identification device may not be processed.

  4. Accessing Personal information

    A person may request access to personal information collected by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania and may be charged a fee for this service.